Once upon a time in Salzburger Land…

History of the Obersulzberggut anscestral farm in Radstadt

From the 16th century until today – traditional and ever-lasting…That’s how we would desribe the Obersulzberggut anscestral farm belonging to the Sinnegger Family in Radstadt. Where once agriculture was at the forefront of life on the farm, now holiday guests find their perfect holiday accommodation in summer as well as in winter. A number of renovations and additions have made the farm into what it is today: a farm for children of the highest standard for a great farm holiday in Salzburger Land.

Through the ages…

In the 16th century our farm in Radstadt was built. On the ground floor there was a snug, the kitchen, 2 bedchambers and a workshop plus a large entrance area with wide balcony. The farm did not have a cellar, but on the first floor 4 large rooms. The attic area was unused.

In the 1950’s plans were made to build a new house, but as it was impossible to finance, it was decided to renovate the old farmhouse. On the right-hand side of the house the foundations and walls were rebuilt. Large stones which were in the masonry are still partly there today. The workshop was turned into a spacious kitchen/living room and a pantry, known as a “Speis” in local dialect. And the first bathroom was installed.

In the 1960’s 3  small rooms were made into guest rooms. From now on guests could be accommodated. Even then guests were provided with a tasty breakfast. Plus the guests even had hot and cold running water, stove heating and access to a WC on the ground floor. The groundstone for privately renting out rooms was laid. In 1966 the family renovated the attic.

In 1970 central heating was installed and slowly but surely each window, each door and each wall was renewed. In 1971 the attic was renovated. 1 triple room and 2 double rooms were created, a shower and a WC on the corridor. Due to these advances the first winter guests could enjoy a farm holiday in Radstadt.

The “Ancestral Farm” in the year 1903

The “Ancestral Farm“ since summer 2006

In 1979 work was started on building a new house, offering space for 8 holiday apartments and – looking ahead to the future of the older generation – a smal private flat. In 1980 the apartments were rented out for the first time. On the 3rd of August 1981, hardly a year after the new building was finished, a hard blow of fate hit the farming family. Flooding affected the whole farm. Damage was horrendous, but fortunately covered by insurance.

In 1992 renovation work was started on the farmhouse for the 3rd time as guest requirements had risen again in the meantime. The roof was raised, 2 additional apartments – spacious and with all modern conveniences -were created. Ceilings were raised, doors renewed, electric cables relaid and strengthened… yet the typical style of the “old-fashioned Pongau farmhouse” remained.

In 1997 the family specialised in “Farm holidays for babies and children”. A good decision, without regret to this very day!

In 2000 the ancestral farm was renovated,, improved and modernised once again. In 2003 the Obersulzberggut Farm was handed down from Johann and Herta Sinnegger to Hannes and Doris Sinnegger.

In the spring of 2005 under the motto of “keeping the old, trying out the new” the farmhouse was enlarged and rebuilt. Todays’s “ancestral farm snug” and 2 new, comfortable apartments were created. Particularly important to the Family Sinnegger was the harmonious combination of the new building and the standing farm, which was indeed successful.

In 2008 a very special new addition followed – to improve facilities for summer guests on the farm – a covered, heated outdoor pool was built in springtime.

The Family Sinnegger has been looking after guests’ well-being for decades. All family members love their work and are proud of their farm’s history. As a guest on a farm holiday at the Obersulzberggut Farm in Radstadt you’ll be warmly welcomed and well looked after.  

Your Family Sinnegger
Familie Sinnegger - Obersulzberggut, Radstadt
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